Terms of Reference for all Governing Bodies

Graeme Snell
  1. Membership and Chair


  • Committee members will be decided at the FGB Business meeting in September each year. The Headteacher will attend all the committee meetings
  • The Governors will elect a Chair from among the Committee members. (The Chair cannot be an employee at the school.) In the absence of the Chair at a Committee meeting, the Committee members will elect any eligible member to act as Chair for that meeting. A clerk also needs to be appointed.


  1. Voting and Quorum


  • Only Governor Members can vote.  The Chair has a casting vote where necessary.
  • The quorum for each committee is four governors.


  1. Minutes and Meetings


  • The dates for the meetings are set on an annual basis at the FGB Business meeting in September
  • Minutes of meetings will record those attending, time and place, any decision, action points or recommendations to be made to the governing body.  Recommendations must be framed in such a way as to offer the governing body clear proposals or alternatives to debate and decide upon.
  • Agendas, papers and Minutes will be circulated to all members of the Governing Body.
  • Each committee will meet at least three times each academic year but no more than six times per academic year.


     Specific Terms of Reference – according to committee function


Chairs’ Committee

  • To act as liaison group between committees and meet when required.
  • To make joint proposals to the governing body
  • To appraise/review the clerk to the governing body annually.


Resources, Finance and Buildings Committee



  • To ensure all members of staff are appropriately led and managed taking into account recruitment, pay and procedure.
  • To ensure strong levels of stewardship in all matters of finance, to consider best practice, value and use of resources.
  • To evaluate health and safety, maintenance and repairs and ensure policy and legal compliance in the circa of buildings



  • To act in accordance with the Schools Financial Value Standard (SFVS)
  • To draft and keep under review a pay policy for approval by the governing body
  • To undertake disciplinary or capability matters.
  • To achieve the aims of the whole school pay policy in a fair and equal manner
  • To apply the criteria set by the whole school pay policy in determining the pay of each member of staff at the annual review
  • To observe all statutory and contractual obligations
  • To review and implement procedures for dealing with discipline and grievances and ensure that the staff are informed of them.
  • To draft and review in consultation with staff, criteria for redundancy, for approval of the governing body.
  • To draft and keep under review the recruitment policy for approval by the governing body.
  • To liaise closely with the LA’s Personnel Department were relevant.
  • To ensure appropriate arrangements and safeguarding have been implemented for all off-site visit.
  • To minute all decisions and report these decisions to the next meeting of the full governing body.



  • To act in accordance with the Schools Financial Value Standard (SFVS)
  • To prepare and review financial policy statements, including long term financial plans and to provide guidance and assistance to the Headteacher and governing body on financial matters.
  • To scrutinise and review (annually) the school’s budget delegated by the LA and other revenue and to prepare appropriate budget proposals for the governing body to consider.
  • To review the spending against the school budget and to ensure that expenditure remains within the prescribed limits.  This will involve consideration of the monthly statements from the school budget monitoring system.
  • To advise the governing body on such matters as:

a) The budget needed to run the school in accordance with statutory requirements and the agreed School Improvement Plan.

b) Ensuring that the governing body’s financial policy and actions are in accordance with national legislation, other statutory requirements and the recommendations of the LA.

c) Prioritising on major items of expenditure.

d) School Funding review by the Local Authority and the purchasing of services from the LA or elsewhere, generating additional income from sources other than the LA.

e) To ensure delegated financial limits are maintained. These can be found in the school schedule of financial delegation document (SofFD).

f) To oversee the administration of voluntary funds (Administration of Voluntary Funds Policy).



  • To act in accordance with the SFVS
  • To provide support and guidance for the Headteacher on all matters relating to the school premises and grounds, security and health and safety.
  • To explore the costs and arrangements for maintenance, repairs and redecoration within the budget allocation and to oversee the preparation and implementation of contracts.
  • To be aware of the specific responsibilities of governors and the LA in regard to premises and to ensure that the LA is informed of any matters for which it has responsibility.  The Committee will monitor such issues to ensure that appropriate action is taken.
  • To undertake a safety audit of the school premises on an annual basis and report on the same to the governing body; and to ensure that the school complies with health and safety regulations.
  • To ensure that governors’ responsibilities are discharged regarding litter under the Environmental Protection Act 1990.
  • To prepare a lettings and charges policy for the approval of the governing body and to oversee the implementation of that policy.
  • To investigate and make recommendations on risk management and insurance arrangements in regard to vandalism and other matters relating to the premises.


School Improvement Committee



  • To contribute to strategic planning within the school, and to present the School Development Plan to the full Governing Body
  • To review and evaluate at least termly with the Senior Management/Leadership Team, the success of the School Development Plan and report to the full Governing Body
  • To agree the Governing Body’s formal monitoring arrangements in respect of the plan and report progress to the Governing Body at least termly



  • To monitor implementation of changes to the school curriculum in line with national and local guidelines and requirements.
  • To act as a critical friend to the Headteacher and the staff when evaluating how the curriculum is taught, evaluated and resourced.
  • To agree the arrangements for educational visits and ensure that they are in line with current guidance (link to Health and Safety).
  • To agree any specific involvement by individual governors in curriculum areas
  • To agree policy, protocol and timetable for governor visits to the school (link to School Development Plan)
  • To review and contribute to school curriculum polices (including religious education and values education, PSHE elements and homework)


Attainment and Progress

  • To recommend/agree the annual statutory targets for pupil achievement to the Governing Body
  • To monitor progress and attainment of all children to ensure all children make at least good progress and pupil premium children are seen to make up the gap evidence through the outcomes of PPMs/headteachers report.
  • To contribute to school self evaluation by understanding and agree the judgements that the School makes about its own performance.
  • To review the outcomes of KS1 and 2 SAT’s assessments and internal data for all classes and report key messages on school performance, including benchmarking information, termly to the Governing Body


SEN/Inclusion/community and Parent links

  • To ensure that the requirements of children with special needs are met through monitoring Special Educational Needs provision and any arrangements for gifted and talented children
  • To ensure the needs of looked after children are met through the agreement and review of the relevant policy
  • To ensure that the school meets the statutory requirements relating to equality legislation including race, disability, gender, pay, capability and disciplinary, freedom of information, admissions and any other statutory policies as indicated by OFSTED.
  • To monitor pupil attendance and set targets as necessary
  • To agree the school behaviour policy and monitor exclusion data
  • To assist the Headteacher in promoting good relationships and communication with parents and the community
  • To regularly receive updates on publicity and any related issues as required
  • To assist with establishing and overseeing the school’s website and ensure that statutory information relating to the school is available on the school’s website
  • To ensure a complaints procedure is in place and monitored
  • To ensure a home-school agreement is reflective of the schools aims and monitored.
  • To ensure the Governing Body’s duties on pupil record keeping, disclosure of pupil information and pupil reports are fulfilled
  • To encourage wider networking with other schools in the Local Learning Community
  • To check and, where necessary, challenge and action plan for attendance issues.


Performance Appraisal

  • To set robust, challenging and achievable targets for Headteacher’s P.A
  • To initiate a midyear and end of year review of Headteachers P.A.
  • To ensure the HT sets appropriate PA for all members of staff and mid and end of year review expectations are fulfilled.
  • To ensure there are direct links between performance appraisal and the school development plan and sound financial planning



  • Yearly review and amend as necessary the Annual Safeguarding Checklist.
  • To ensure the needs of looked after children are met through the agreement and review of the relevant policy
  • To ensure that the school meets the statutory requirements relating to equality legislation
  • To ensure that safeguarding requirements are met in line with national legislation and local guidance
  • To ensure that governor and staff training in safer recruitment are in place
  • To ensure the Governing Body’s duties on pupil record keeping, disclosure of pupil information and pupil reports are fulfilled.


September 2017