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DS Store (10k)
Aims of the School September 2023 (79k)
AntiBullying2023 (107.5k)
Assessment Policy 2021 (132k)
Assessment Policy 2024 (262.4k)
Attendance Policy 2024 (275.1k)
Behaviour Written Statement of Principles 2021 (85.5k)
BehaviourPolicy2024 (492.8k)
Bereavement Policy 2023 (1.3M)
Breakfast Club T and C V5 (20.1k)
CCTV Policy (66.8k)
Calculation Policy 2023 (8.8M)
Charges and Remissions Policy 2023 (90k)
Child Protection Policy Pixies Hill 2023V2 (829k)
Clubs Policy 2022 (540.6k)
Code of Conduct Parent (271.1k)
Complaints Policy 2023 (1M)
E Safety Acceptable Use 2022 (16.8k)
E Safety Policy 2022 (177.6k)
Equality Scheme Disability 2023 (40.8k)
EqualityScheme School 2023 V2 (890.8k)
Equalityscheme Gender 2023 (38.9k)
Equalityscheme Race 2023 (48.6k)
Feedback Policy 2024 (514.9k)
First Aid Policy 2021 (94.5k)
Food Policy 2023 (576.2k)
Fraction Policy (341.8k)
Freedom of Information 2024 (269.6k)
GDPR Policy 2024 (266.4k)
Homework Policy 2021 (118k)
Lettings Policy 2021 (103.5k)
Looked After Children 2023 (162.4k)
Medical Conditions Policy 2024 (249.1k)
Medicines in School 2022 (140.5k)
PSHE RSE Policy 2023 (289k)
Pixies Hill School Jargon Buster (16k)
Privacy Notice Children (157.6k)
Privacy Notice Governors (159.8k)
Privacy Notice Parents and Carers (155.4k)
Privacy Notice Staff (165k)
Pupil Premium Policy 2024 (205.5k)
Quality SEND Offer 2023 (51.3k)
Reading Policy 2023 (177.5k)
Remote Learning Policy 2023 (200.5k)
SEN Policy and Information Report 2023 (412.5k)
Safer Recruitment 2022 (168.2k)
Teaching and Learning Policy 2023 (357k)
Uniform Policy for Pixies Hill Primary School 2022V2 (12.1M)
Values Education Policy for Pixies Hill Primary School 2023 (96k)
Writing Policy 2023 (232.5k)
Confidentilality Policy 2022 (93.5k)