Vision/Aims and Values


At Pixies Hill, we pride ourselves on our positive relationships. We take our academic responsibilities very seriously but we also recognise as a community that Values should be at the forefront of school life.

Through nurturing Values, we believe children will have the best start in life, growing up to be reflective, articulate and emotionally intelligent learners who can move on from their time at Pixies ready to meet the challenges of our complex society with confidence and understanding.

It is therefore our aim to provide your child with a calm, happy and purposeful environment in which they can flourish personally, socially and academically.

At Pixies, the whole school community (Parents, Children, Governors and Staff) collectively decided upon 22 core values, which are explicitly taught over a two year period.

If you would like to know more then please access our Values Education Policy. 

We are delighted to announce that the school was awarded the Enhanced Values Mark in October 2019. Dr Neil Hawkes (Founder of VbE) visited the school in October 2022 and confirmed the retention of this award. We are proud that Neil has used examples of practice at Pixies Hill in his talks around the world!

Neil and his wife, trained psychotherapist Jane Hawkes visited the school again in February 2024 to work on mindfulness with the children. If you’d like to know more about Values based Education then visit their site here.