Sam Best 20/03/2017

Forest School Week 10

This week when we arrived at Box Moor Trust we were introduced to a lamb puppet. We then spoke about the seasons and the signs of spring time. We were then given a pair of binoculars to use to look for the different signs of spring on the walk to the meadow. We looked for bright yellow balls on our walk and next to the ball would be a sign of the spring time. We then sat down had our snack and listened to the story ‘Little Baa’. We then walked to Preston Hill Meadow were we looked at the ewes and lambs in the field. We spoke about how we needed to behave around the animals. We then walked to the Lower lambing barn. Before entering we all dipped our wellies into disinfectant and stayed behind the metal fence. It was great fun we got to touch the lambs and find out lots of information about the ewes and lambs.