Sam Best 11/05/2017

Forest School Week 12

Today when we arrived at Forest school we walked to the forest school classroom. When we arrived we had to look for a teddy bear in the woods that we could care for. We then had a fire and warmed the Kelly kettle for our drink and snack. Next we had a teddy bears picnic. We used wooden logs for plates and natural resources for the food for example leaves and sticks. Before we went off to explore the forest school classroom we sung the song ‘The Teddy Bears Picnic’ – The forest school leaders said we were one of the best schools for remembering all the words. We then got taught how to peel a carrot using a potato peeler. We had to do it safely minding our fingers. At the end we had the opportunity to go and choose in the forest school classroom. We could make basket pulleys, build shelters, have a teddy bears picnic and practice the carrot peeling that we had been taught. It’s even better now the weather is getting nicer.