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At Pixies Hill, we have a vision which focuses on the intent, implementation and impact of our curriculum.

Our curriculum vision statement is:

Our inspiring curriculum is built to be loved by all, imaginative, immersive and equitable.

This is the vision on which our whole curriculum is built. In 2019, we began to re-write our curriculum to this intent and have a long term plan for all curriculum areas. Across 2019 to 2021, we are writing bespoke unit plans covering the whole curriculum which expands on the long term plan for each term and all year groups. This is a project which is being lead by the Headteacher, Deputy Headteacher and Curriculum leader. Our curriculum not only covers the national curriculum, it goes beyond this with breath, depth and challenge at all levels. In 2021, we will be working on further refinements to our curriculum development to deliver knowledge maps for the children. Reading, the enhancement of vocabulary and opportunities to foster independence and provide additional support are key pillars that envelope all areas of our curriculum.

Each Curriculum Leader has written a ‘Vision’ statement for their subject area. These are statements which underpin the curriculum and are used to fuel the direction of each subject. If you would like to see the vision statements for each subject, please click here.

We use the Read, Write, Inc phonics scheme across KS1 and in Year 3 for catch up and reinforcement work (Please see our ‘workshops’ page for further details and a video presentation).

Please click on the year group links below to discover more about what your child is learning.




All the staff and children at Pixies Hill are very proud of attaining the Healthy Schools Mark. Click Healthy Schools Journey Case Study Pixies Hill Primary School to see our case study story.