School Council


If you have ever been on one of our school tours, you’ll know we often talk about the importance of children’s voice and that this can be very important in making decisions. For example, we always involve our children in recruitment decisions and they very rarely choose a different candidate to that of the interview panel!

Children are also free of ‘beating around the bush’ and will tell you their honest thoughts. In recent years, we’ve explored school values, decided on books to buy for classes and libraries, discussed ways of making the school more environmentally friendly and thought about new sports clubs we might like amongst many other activities.

If you’d like to see our School Council Code of Conduct click here.

School Council Autumn 2022 & Spring 2023

Reception – William Wood and Eleanor White

Year 1 – Emily Higgins and Orla Rose

Year 2 – Cecilia Green and Noah Fraser

Year 3 – Theo Georgiou and Bronte Gosden

Year 4 – Marnie Emery-Bates and Spencer Bowgen

Year 5 – Toby Butterworth and Zara Tredoux

Year 6 – Lucas Turner and Freya McMahon

If you’d like to see the School Council Agenda for this term, click here. (Some weeks are blank to allow children to bring their discussion points to the meeting)

If you’d like to see minutes of the meetings, click on a meeting date from below.