At Pixies, we want our children to learn how to be safe online and request that all our children sign an acceptable use policy which can be found here.

We also ensure that all staff and governors sign and understand this agreement and their responsibilities in teaching the children how to stay safe online and appropriate usage of computer systems. E-safety is embedded into our Computing curriculum and there are specific units and themes taught across all year groups.

Each year, we run an E-Safety workshop for Parents. Our most recent one was held in May 2022.

Feedback from the workshop was 100% positive from all who attended.

If you missed the workshop, there is a second chance to view this below by clicking on the link. However, as the nature of the workshop covers sensitive details aimed at an adult audience, the workshop is password protected. Please contact the school office who will provide you with the password information to view the workshop.

Workshop Link

Click below to see our E-Safety Policy.

Click here to access the latest Herts for Learning E-safety news!