Missed the recent workshops? Click on the links below to see powerpoint presentations. We’ve also included some additional files which may help when working with your child at home.

The staff and children put a lot of effort into workshops so please do attend. We usually have excellent feedback. Below is some feedback we had from the most recent parent and child e-safety workshop

Pixies Hill Primary – Growing Up Online
May 2019

131 people. 6 mums, 1 dad, 120 children, 4 staff

(6 attendees filled out our evaluation form)

Prior to the workshop 100% of attendees were worried about their family’s internet safety and social media usage.

Following the workshop 100% of attendees felt more confident about managing their family’s internet safety.

Very good course. Loved sitting with my daughter at the start.

A good starting point for me to take action regarding my kids online safety, plus plenty of new resources for further information.

Helpful tips on settings and websites to look at. Thank you.

Very helpful. Learnt lots of new tips and ideas.  Thank you.

Helpful overview of issues and highlighted the need to look at my settings.

Thank you.  Will look at my settings.

The School is very proud to work alongside GADE FAMILY SUPPORT who are based just across the road at Chaulden Junior School. They run all manner of useful workshops which the school regular advertises. You can see more of their courses and how they can be a useful resource to you here www.gadeschoolsfamilysupport.co.uk

Phonics Workshop 2020

TypeFile NameDate ModifiedSize

Autism Workshop 3:49 pm 07/07/2016339.4k

Differentiation 10:57 am 05/22/2017173.5k

E Safety Workshop 3:49 pm 07/07/201611.2M

Growth Mindsets 6:32 pm 02/27/20177.3M

Our New Curriculum 3:10 pm 05/19/20224M

PHONICS PRESENTATION 2019 5:53 pm 09/18/20191.3M

Writing Workshop 3:49 pm 07/07/20163.4M

Y5 & Y6 Learning About Coaching 3:22 pm 11/12/20194.4M

Governor Workshop V2 3:19 pm 11/28/2018744.1k